Curated Content 3 March 2017

Content Curation worldHi, SEers. Happy Friday!

We’re trying something new for you. Instead of our own opinions or a reblog here and there, we’re giving you links to valuable content we found this week. Below you’ll find tips from experts like James Scott Bell, Kristen Lamb, Chandler Bolt, and more. We hope you find these posts as helpful and/or entertaining as we did. Also, in case you missed them, you can find this week’s two Story Empire posts by clicking these links: Droll Definitions by Harmony Kent and What’s in a Name by Joan Hall.



21 thoughts on “Curated Content 3 March 2017

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    Story Empire has a list of 10 blog posts this week dealing with writing, publishing, and marketing. If you’re looking for industry highlights from around the web, check these out.

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    • Thanks, Harmony. But I can’t take all the credit. All Story Empire authors have access to share links they like, and I wasn’t the only one to post any. Maybe this curated content post will take off and we’ll get more and more links to share. Or maybe we’ll decide we should each only contribute one or two. I can’t wait to see how this evolves.

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