Pressed from Mythic Scribes: Writing Killer Descriptions – First Impressions


Note from Story Empire: I ran across the post  below the other day on Mythic Scribes and found it both helpful and interesting. Can there be tension mingled with your description? I suppose it could. Read Craig’s take on tension to think in terms of mixing it into your descriptions. What else can go into description? Mae Clair shared last month how her childhood perspective works into her writing, all ideas that can influence your descriptive development. Back in September, Staci Troilo wrote about constructing a story and it certainly applies to considerations of handling description – how you will build these through out your story. Dialogue will also affect your descriptions and vice versa. Staci also wrote a post about the dialogue so why not consider how it mixes with your description?

Why first impressions last for readers, and how to use this in your writing.

“The best images and the strongest impressions we get from stories are those we create in our own minds. No matter how well I describe something, my reader’s impression will never be exactly the same as mine.”

Source: Writing Killer Descriptions – First Impressions

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