Review a Four Letter Word

Well if you get creative: REVU.

Review rules at Amazon are tightening. Below are some of the new rules in place and some old ones too.

A reviewer must spend at least $50 on Amazon using a valid debit card or credit card.

No paid reviews. This includes reviews from book bloggers that are part of a paid book blog tour, even though the reviewer has not been paid.

No ‘exchanging’ reviews. (You review me, I’ll review you.)

Reviews are not to be submitted by family members or close friends.

You can still provide advanced reader copies for review.

This one is in general, not specifically Amazon, and my understanding is that it’s a legal requirement:  If you receive  a free copy for review, the review should include that information. I.E. I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

If a legitimate review has been removed you can appeal it at:

Here’s is the link for Amazon Community Guidelines referencing reviews.

And here’s a link to an extremely well-written article by Ann R. Allen that explains and simplifies the new rules and goes into much greater detail than I have.
She also talks about troll reviewers that leave poor reviews on competitors products to push theirs to the top.

What are your thoughts on the new rules, do you think it will help or hurt?

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17 thoughts on “Review a Four Letter Word

  1. It all keeps getting more complicated, and still the trolls get through. In my experience, and that of folks I know, the Amazon appeals process seems about as much use as a soggy dog, especially if they’ve decided you know someone even if you don’t. Thanks for giving us all this in one place, Sandra 🙂

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  2. I’ve had reviews written by me rejected, and I’ve had reviews written by others for my work rejected or accepted and then deleted. It’s hard enough getting reviews; Amazon is making it impossible for indie and small press authors to compete. I can’t believe they can’t weed out trolls without impacting the rest of us. I’m not a fan of these new restrictions. There has to be a better way to police the review process.

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  3. I noticed over the weekend that the only reviews being posted now are “verified purchases”….or those appear to be the only ones you can access when you click to read your reviews. I don’t know….I’m glad Amazon is cracking down on trolls but at the same time it seems like a lot of writers are being hurt in the process. I haven’t had any of my reviews pulled yet, but I worry it’s only a matter of time. 😦

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  4. Interesting. I’m certain some reviews I left on Staci’s books were pulled. Probably because we have a “working relationship” and are online friends, although we’ve never met in person. I am glad to see they are cracking down on the trolls and scammers.

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